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Safety Materials

SAFE’s brochures provide crime prevention and public safety information. Visit the categories below to view the online materials. There are additional materials available on request at our offices. We carry many multilingual written materials.

If you have a request, email us at: info@sfsafe.org  Viewing print materials require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Telephone Scam Prevention

Preventing Telephone Scams
English (PDF)  |  Chinese 中文 (PDF)

Personal Safety

Personal Safety Guide
English (PDF)  |  Español (PDF)  |  Chinese 中文 (PDF)

Bike Safety

Bicycle Theft Prevention Guide
 English (PDF)

Bicycle Theft Prevention Postcard
 English (PDF)

Bicycle Theft Prevention Spoke Card
 English (PDF)

Bicycle Theft Prevention Small Card
 English (PDF)

Materials in other languages and SAFE Bikes posters are available at the SAFE Office. Please contact us at (415) 553-1984 or info@sfsafe.org for more information.

Child Safety

Child Safety Guide for Adults
 English (PDF)

Residential Safety

Residential Safety Guide
English (PDF)

Car Safety

Car Theft Prevention and Break-In Safety Guide
English (PDF) 


What to Do During an Emergency and How to Describe a Suspect
English (PDF)  |  Español (PDF)  |  Chinese 中文 (PDF)