Garage Safety Hacks to Prevent Break-ins

As San Francisco residents know all too well, garage break-ins are a common occurrence in our city. But there are steps community members can take to help prevent

becoming the target of this type of crime. Here are some garage safety hacks suggested by SF SAFE’s staff to help secure your garage and protect it from theft.

Reinforce the Glass on the Garage Door

SF SAFE’s staff advises residents who have windows on their garage doors to add vinyl adhesive to reinforce windows. By doing this, you will not only reinforce the windows—making them much more difficult for a potential thief to break-in through—but you’ll also prevent anyone from seeing the contents of your garage.

Tie the Emergency Release Cord

Often when a thief breaks in through a garage window, they will use some means of grabbing the emergency release cord and pulling and unlocking it to gain entry into the

garage. By tying your emergency release cord into a small ball, you will put it out of reach of thieves who may break the garage window.

Install Motion Sensitive Lights & Security Cameras

Motion sensitive lights and security cameras not only serve a practical purpose, but also act as a deterrent to potential thieves. Make sure the area around your garage is well-lit; constant lighting supplemented by motion sensitive lighting is your best bet. When it comes to security cameras, make sure you have one installed that points toward your garage door—in addition to other areas around the exterior of your home.

Change the Garage Keypad

Longtime SF SAFE staffer Furlishous Wyatt advises residents with a garage entry keypad to be sure to change the code on it every once in a while, just as you would your

online passwords. It’s a smart security measure to beat thieves at their own games.

Garage Door Lock

San Francisco residents who are leaving on a vacation or for extended periods of time should consider disconnecting their garage door’s automatic motor and installing a manual lock.

Have a Quality, Functioning Garage Door

SF SAFE staff recommends that your garage door be as secure, sturdy and well-built as your front door and also be in good condition and tight fitting. Deadbolts are additionally recommended for your garage-to-house door so a thief doesn’t gain entry into your home.

Garage Door Remote

Don’t ever leave your garage door remote in your car. Cars can also get broken into and you don’t want to hand a thief a “key” to your home. Another option is to use a remote on a keychain.

“Garages can sometimes be the most vulnerable area of the home and often are the entry point targeted by thieves because of the easy access they offer,” said SF SAFE

Executive Director Kyra Worthy. “Follow our staff’s suggested tips to help prevent these types of break-ins.”

These garage safety hacks are just some of the many security tips available from SF SAFE re: garages. Visit our website at or email for more info or a brochure with more tips.