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History & Mission

Our Mission

SAFE engages, educates, and empowers San Franciscans to build safer neighborhoods through crime prevention, education, and public safety services that result in stronger, more vibrant and resilient communities.

Our History

San Francisco SAFE, Inc. (Safety Awareness for Everyone) is a community crime prevention and public safety program that works in cooperation with the San Francisco Police Department and other city agencies to help San Franciscans protect themselves from becoming victims. SAFE was created in 1976 as a project of the SFPD. In 1980, SAFE became a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, and 30 years later, continues to act as the crime prevention component of the police department. A major portion of SAFE’s income comes from a grant contract with the SFPD, but SAFE also receives donations and grants in order to expand and enhance our crime prevention and public safety services. SAFE has also received numerous grant awards from the City and County of San Francisco, the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, State Office of Criminal Justice Planning and local foundations. We have provided major support to the San Francisco Police Department and Mayor’s Office by acting as a fiscal agent for these federal and state funded grants, along with participating in numerous crime prevention activities as a part of these grants.

SAFE Videos

Check out our YouTube channel with our SAFE Video and vignettes on our different services.