Neighborhood Walk After Dark Program Focuses on Local Crime ‘Hotspots’

SF SAFE’s Neighborhood Walk After Dark program teams up community members with their district supervisor and San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) station captain to focus on local public safety hotspots—a.k.a. areas of high crime that are of serious concern to local residents.

As part of this safety-centric effort, our organization coordinates in-person walks after sunset through these hotspots that not only help facilitate more positive interactions and discussion among community members and public safety officials, but also help residents ultimately take more ownership over their own public safety needs in the future.

The walks also serve to help everyone participating closely evaluate the neighborhood in question and identify other existing community issues that may exist beyond the immediate safety concerns so that the corresponding City services may be employed to make any needed interventions.

Do you have a neighborhood safety hotspot that you think could benefit from one of our Neighborhood Walks After Dark? SF SAFE encourages San Francisco community members to contact us to schedule a walk with your fellow neighbors to “take back your neighborhood” from criminals and develop meaningful dialogue with public safety officials to strategize on pathways to improvements moving forward.

Call SF SAFE at 415-416-6435 to get started on organizing your own Neighborhood Walk After Dark today. Learn more about the program here.