JUNE 2022
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Working Together to Make
SF Pride Safe 

It’s June and that means it’s time to kick off Pride month! With SF’s Pride celebration being the largest LGBTQIA event in the U.S., SF SAFE remains ever-committed—alongside the SFPD—to helping keep everyone safe during the festivities. Check out our tips for a safe Pride.

Forest Hill Residents Mobilize to Set Up Neighborhood Watch Group

Residents in SF’s Forest Hill neighborhood mobilized to launch a Neighborhood Watch Group following a string of stolen packages and car break-ins that included a neighbor who had tools taken from his work truck twice. Find out how the neighbors started their own NWG with the help of SF SAFE.

Anatomy of a Safe Home
during Summer Travel

As June kicks off and Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror, the summer travel season is officially underway. Up ahead? SF residents will join millions of people nationwide in traveling to new places or revisiting their favorite ones. Here’s how to keep your home safe while you’re gone.

What to Do If You’re Followed
by a Car

Recently, a group of NorCal tourists visiting SoCal were followed back to their Airbnb, where they were robbed of $70K in clothes and jewelry, according to ABC-7 TV. Whether it’s an attempt at a follow-home theft, or if it’s a stalker situation, here are the SFPD and SF SAFE’s tips for what to do if you’re ever followed in a car. 

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