MARCH 2021
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Report Violations

Have you seen a business, organization or large gathering of people that might be violating the COVID health order and endangering others? If you see something, say something. Here’s what to do. 
Garage Break-ins

Burglars often target easy-to-sell items in a garage. Protect against garage break-ins by reinforcing windows with laminate, tying the emergency release cord and installing motion sensitive lights. Learn more tips here.
Residential Safety

Do you live in a multiunit dwelling? Be vigilant about not permitting non-residents entry into your building via the lobby or parking garage. The SFPD reports frequent thefts of mail and packages in buildings.

SFPD Northern Captain Yep Restarts Hayes Valley Foot Beat Patrol 

When SFPD Captain Paul Yep assumed command of the Northern Station in July 2020, one of the first requests from the Hayes Valley stakeholders in his district was to have a foot beat again in their neighborhood. That request is now becoming a reality.
SFPD Assigns New Captains
at Six District Stations

Change is afoot at the SFPD. A host of new captains have been assigned by Chief William Scott to serve the community as commanders at six district stations. Check out the lineup of new captains and their station assignments throughout the city.

SFPD Chinatown Merchant Walk Updates Community on Safety Initiatives

In the wake of recent violence against the Asian community in San Francisco and beyond, the SFPD and others came together for a Merchant Walk in Chinatown Feb. 18 to inform local businesses and residents about steps being taken to improve safety in their neighborhoods.

SFPD Warns Public about
Imposter Senior Service Providers

The SFPD is warning the public that imposters posing as senior service program delivery drivers have been going door-to-door to the residences of seniors in an attempt to gain entry. Get the 411 and find out what to do if this happens to you or someone you know.
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