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Personal Safety


SAFE’s Public Safety Coordinators provide personal safety presentations for children, youth, adults and the elderly. We combine common sense with proven techniques to increase safety at home, on the streets, public transportation, ATM safety and vehicle safety. We provide information for victims of crime, including sexual assault and domestic violence victims, and tips for people with disabilities. We have a multi-lingual and multi-cultural team that can tailor safety presentations to any group.

Personal Safety for Adults 

  • Part 1: Stay Alert, Have a Plan, Trust Your Instincts
  • Part 2: Tools in Crime Prevention: Time, Light, Noise, and Human Activity
  • Part 3: Be a Good Witness: Know whom to call, Follow up, Know your resources

Download our Personal Safety brochure for a reminder of city safety tips:

SAFE can also visit your workplace and give safety presentations to your staff. To get started, please fill out our Service Request Form.