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Child Safety

services_csCustomized Child Safety Presentations

SAFE Kids workshops help kids ages 3-17 develop their own emotional language and awareness so that they make better choices and respond more appropriately to sensitive situations. By moving away from a strict “victim vs. bully” approach, SAFE Kids offers children ways they can work together to avoid creating unsafe, discourteous, and damaging interactionsFor Children:

  • “Stranger Danger” vs. trusted adults
  • How and when to call 911
  • The importance of knowing parents’ names and phone numbers
  • Pedestrian safety and street crossing

For Adults:

    • Knowledge that parents and caregivers need to keep kids safe
    • When children should have cell phones
    • Internet safety
    • Safety rules at home when parents are not present

Kids and Cops

This program promotes positive interaction between very young children and the SFPD. SAFE coordinates with schools and teachers for officers to come read stories to children and talk to them about feeling safe. Kids and Cops is highly recommended for at-risk youth to help them see the police as allies, supporters, and role models.

Car Seat Education

SAFE’s certified child safety specialists teach parents and caregivers how to choose the right seat for their child, how to install correctly in their vehicle, and how to properly harness the child to ensure the safest ride possible.

Car Seat Checks & Installation

SAFE’s Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) ) teaches parents how to install a new one step by step. Please note that this service is by appointment only. SAFE’s Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)  can meet families at their local police district station or the Hall of Justice.

For more information, please contact Adam Cuadra, Child Safety Coordinator, at adam@sfsafe.org or (415) 553-1985.