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Seven Spring Safety Tips for Staying Safe in San Francisco

Whether you’re an old school San Franciscan or a visiting tourist, staying safe is always the smart call.

SF SAFE has teamed up with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), Fisherman’s Wharf, the Hotel Council of San Francisco, San Francisco Travel, Union Square Business Improvement District and the District Attorney’s Office of San Francisco to offer up some tips for staying safe while out and about in our beautiful city by the bay.

Continued from Newsletter:

  1. Park Smart! During your daily explorations in San Francisco, be sure to lock up your car and take all of your valuables with you when you park. Purses, backpacks, wallets, passports, personal IDs, cellphones, cameras, computers, laptops and the like act as an advertisement to thieves to break into your car. Let’s kick auto break-ins to the curb by locking valuables up and parking smart.
  2. Curb Those Wheels! When parking on one of San Francisco’s famous steep hills, be sure to curb your wheels. You can do this by turning the tires toward the street when facing uphill and toward the curb when facing downhill. That way, if your emergency brake fails, the curb will help block your car from becoming a runaway.
  3. Cable Cars First! San Francisco’s iconic cable cars and streetcars have been around longer than many of us have been alive. That means they get to go first. So when encountering them on city streets, even if they are parked, don’t cut them off—it’s dangerous.
  4. Watch Out for Cyclists! San Francisco has many cyclists spinning around town, so help keep them safe by checking your surroundings before opening your car door, making a right turn and crossing the street. If you decide to join the other bikers, please note that the city sidewalks are off limits.
  5. Be Alert in Crowds! In crowded situations, be sure to stay alert and be mindful of any possible staged distractions—they are a favorite play of pickpockets.
  6. Protect Your Phone! Try to avoid holding your phone while walking in public or leaving it out on the table while dining in restaurants. It can easily be snatched by thieves.
  7. Mind the Sirens! If you hear San Francisco’s Outdoor Warning System siren any time other than Tuesday at Noon—when they test it—go indoors immediately. Earthquakes and other emergency situations are a reality in our city, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

– Kathy Chouteau