SF SAFE D10 Safety Plan


oon after I became SF SAFE’s Executive Director I began to meet with residents and community stakeholders from District 10, one of the two San Francisco Districts that reported in 2019 the highest number of incidents of homicide, and non-fatal shootings. The SF SAFE team conducted public safety forums throughout each neighborhood in District 10 to get community voices on the concerns and solutions to the issue of violent crimes. We met with public housing residents, merchant groups, neighborhood associations, law enforcement, emergency response staff, the Street Violence Intervention and Prevention teams (SVIP), and members of the “OG” mentorship roundtable. We also held a few community forums and conducted surveys at these forums to gather input for an overall community safety plan for District 10 (D10). The following is a safety plan proposal based on this input.

The D10 Safety Plan incorporates key elements of Vision Zero for Homicides and Violent Crimes (Vision Zero) resolution sponsored by D10’s Supervisor Shamann Walton and passed unanimously at the Board of Supervisors meeting in December 2019. We hope that this plan provides a roadmap between community, City agencies, law enforcement, and community organizations serving D10.

Goals Of The D10 Public Safety Plan

In alignment with the City’s Vision Zero, the D10 Public Safety Plan is a call to action, and it aims to reduce the number of homicides and violent crimes through the facilitation of violence prevention strategies and through the coalescing of City/public service stakeholders capable of catalyzing solutions. It is a multipronged approach because violence prevention alone cannot eliminate crime. We need to also promote, create or sustain social and economic protective factors that give rise to neighborhood safety. These protective factors can be promoted by expanding access to opportunities -such as living wage jobs, clean and safe streets, quality public transit- and by giving residents access to institutional power, or a way to directly voice concerns, share solutions and hear back from City government and stakeholders.