SF SAFE, SFPD Roll Out Halloween Candy Explosion & Safety Tips

SF SAFE is partnering with the SFPD to make sure San Francisco’s little goblins will have a sweet experience this Halloween season by hosting a “Halloween Candy Explosion” and providing safety tips so everyone’s trick-or-treating goes off without a hitch.

The Halloween Candy Explosion will broomstick into Gilman Park, 903 Gilman Ave. in SF, Sat., Oct. 29 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free to San Francisco community members, the event is open to all ages and will feature a wide assortment of delights, including food, carnival games, jumpers, pumpkin patch, vendors, costume contest, music, face painting and more candy than you can ever dream up.

“At its heart, our Halloween Candy Explosion is about community,” said SF SAFE Executive Director Kyra Worthy. “Of course, lots of activities and candy will be part of the fun, but the connections we build while enjoying them together is what ultimately creates a stronger, safer community.”

For more info about the Halloween Candy Explosion, contact Starr or Christine at (415) 416-6435.

Along with the event news, SF SAFE and the SFPD are rolling out some safety tips to make sure everyone’s Halloween stays sweet.

Ways to Watch Out for Your Kids on Halloween Include: Keep kids off the streets after dark if possible; if they do go out after dark, kids should wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight; don’t allow your kids go out with realistic replicas of firearms; have an adult accompany trick-or-treaters so they don’t go out alone; set a curfew for older children and ask them about their route; inspect any treats before your children eat them; slice and wash fruit to make sure it’s safe to eat; ideally, costumes should be made of light-colored, fireproof material; and make sure masks/wigs are fireproof and don’t hinder your child’s vision.

Remind Your Kids: To never enter a stranger’s home; never accept rides from strangers; keep to the sidewalks, not the streets, and avoid backyards, shortcuts and alleys; and to stick with their friends as there’s safety in numbers.

Anyone who suspects that their child’s candy may be tampered with can bring it to any of SFPD’s ten district police stations for disposal. Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!