Summer Safety Checklist

From home safety to travel getaways to water safety and beyond, SF SAFE’s got you covered with our Summer Safety Checklist. Here are some quick safety tips to help you brush up in time for summer:

Summer Travel: If you’re planning a vacation, don’t advertise it to potential thieves! Load your luggage in your garage or when nobody is around. Stop deliveries and your mail. Ask a trusted neighbor—or the local Neighborhood Watch—to keep a watchful eye on your house or apartment. And avoid posting vacation pics to social media until after you return home.

Fireworks Safety: San Francisco has a zero tolerance for the use and sale of ALL fireworks—including sparklers. Best to leave the fireworks to the pyrotechnic pros and report any illegal activity to the SFPD so everyone stays safe and unharmed.

Home Safety: The change of season is a recurring reminder to check the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom and in the common areas on each floor of the home, while carbon monoxide detectors should be set up in a central location outside each bedroom and on every level of the home.

Window Safety: Warmer temperatures are often accompanied by open windows. Remember to close any open windows, skylights or propped doors before you leave home, lest you welcome a burglar into your home. It’s also important to practice window safety, especially in homes with little ones. Keep children’s play areas away from windows, which should be closed and locked when they are present. If windows are open, make sure children can’t reach them; remember that screens don’t deter a determined child; move furniture away from windows since they could tempt children; and if there are young children in the home, consider installing ASTM-approved limited-opening hardware, which only allows a window to open a few inches. It’s also important to be aware that window cords are a potential choking hazard—tie them out of reach of children. And finally, be sure to close and lock your windows and skylights before leaving home.

Water Safety: Sadly, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in young children. Aside from keeping an eagle eye on your child in and out of the water, parents should invest in swim lessons and floatation vests for their kids, as well as CPR lessons for themselves.

Park Smart: During your daily explorations in San Francisco, be sure to lock up your car and take ALL of your valuables with you when you park. Purses, backpacks, wallets, passports, personal IDs, cellphones, cameras, computers, laptops and the like act as an advertisement to thieves to break into your car. Let’s kick auto break-ins to the curb by locking valuables up and parking smart. Get more info here.

Protect Your Phone: Try to avoid holding your phone while walking in public or when riding on public transportation. Also avoid leaving it out on the table while dining in restaurants. In all of these instances, it can easily be snatched by thieves.

Be Alert on City Streets: As San Francisco’s recovery from the pandemic happens, and more people return to the streets, stay alert and mindful of safety in the city. Try to refrain from wearing headphones or ear buds while walking in the city—it dulls your senses to what’s happening around you and makes you an easy target for crime. Only bring essential items with you and never leave your valuables unattended. Also watch for possible staged distractions—they are a favorite play of


SF SAFE Resources: Need a little help getting your summer safety game on? Let SF SAFE lend an assist! From helping your block establish a Neighborhood Watch Group, to providing you with a free home security assessment and so much more, SF SAFE is here for community members every step of the way with a whole host of safety resources. Get started by checking out our website today!

-Kathy Chouteau