Coffee with a Cop Reemerges after Pandemic Pause

As San Franciscans return to city living after a long pandemic pause, one of the first San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) community events that has also reemerged is Coffee with a Cop. As the name suggests, the events—hosted by the ten SFPD stations at businesses in their local districts—offer a chance for police

officers and community members to build community “one cup at a time.”

The first rule of Coffee with a Cop is that there are NO SPEECHES OR AGENDAS. Although the captain of the local station hosting the event, and several officers, will be on hand with a representative from SF SAFE to welcome you, no one there will fill the time with speeches or other formalities.

Rather, Coffee with a Cop is the antithesis of a formal event; it thrives on the informal, casual conversations through which deep, meaningful connections are made.

“The gatherings aim to provide the opportunity for community members to meet local police officers on common ground over coffee to discuss issues that matter,

identify mutual goals and to get to know one another,” said SF SAFE Executive Director Kyra Worthy.

So why is Coffee with a Cop so important—the impetus behind its fast return to local coffee shops as the city recovers from the pandemic? Because, ultimately,

strengthening police-community bonds results in a safer city for us all.

For example, if you see something illegal happening in your neighborhood, you may feel more comfortable saying something about it to the friendly local officers you just met at Coffee with a Cop. It’s all part of community policing—which operates on the principle that working together to identify and then address public safety issues, we can collectively create a safer San Francisco.

The best way to stay updated on upcoming Coffee with a Cop events is by subscribing to your local SFPD station’s newsletter and social media (especially Twitter). If you don’t know your local station, click here to be connected to the SFPD’s station finder so you can easily identify it. Of course, you can also find info about these events on SF SAFE’s social media channels (@SFSAFE) as well.

We hope to see you at your local station’s next Coffee with a Cop event!

-Kathy Chouteau