Neighborhood Walk After Dark

San Francisco SAFE, Inc., our city's premier, community-driven public safety education and crime prevention awareness organization is excited to announce a series of upcoming neighborhood community walks in collaboration with your district Supervisor and SFPD Station Captain.

SAFE prides itself on providing a platform for community engagement and these "After Dark" neighborhood walks will focus on public safety hotspots, or areas of concern for the community, while also allowing residents to create more positive interactions with their public safety officials, develop meaningful dialogue that informs strategy, and take greater ownership over their own public safety needs moving forward. As we evaluate our neighborhoods together, we will also identify other quality of life issues in an effort to support more effective service delivery from our City departments,  thereby improving community placemaking overall.

In order to most safely facilitate these important community opportunities, our team will ensure that everyone involved follows mandated COVID-19 public health guidelines, including limiting the number of participants at each gathering, adhering to social distancing protocols, and wearing masks. We believe in the power of building in-person lasting connections that strengthen community resilience and cannot be replaced virtually online.

Please call us to schedule a "Neighborhood Walk After Dark" with your neighbors and help shape the fabric of your community! Stay tuned for upcoming dates/times and related event details.