Holiday Safety Tips to Keep the Season Merry

With the holiday season officially upon us, SF SAFE has got you covered when it comes to ensuring this special time of year is not only merry, but also safe. From home burglary and auto theft prevention to personal safety and safe shopping tips, we’ve outlined key points to keep in mind throughout the holidays, no matter where you go. Here’s the scoop:

Home Burglary Prevention: If you are traveling, ask a neighbor to watch the house; put timers on various lights around the interior/exterior of the house; and have newspapers, mail and deliveries held or picked up by someone you trust. Use package alerts to track package delivery.

Personal Safety: Bring only the cash and credit cards you need; don’t carry your social security card/passport; don’t let others distract you in crowded areas; and limit the

use of your cell phone in public.

Auto Break-ins: Leave nothing visible in your car; keep doors and trunk of your vehicle locked; keep your packages in the trunk while shopping; and never leave a GPS or mount visible.

Credit Cards & Identity Theft: Shop only at secure websites; don't respond to emails asking for personal credit card info; and check your credit card and bank statements regularly for fraudulent use.

Be an Alert Shopper: Alert security if you notice any of the following in a public space: Unattended packages; people exhibiting erratic or nervous behavior; suspicious chemical smells or pungent odors; anyone tampering with surveillance cameras; and people wearing bulky or inappropriate clothing, which may be used to conceal threatening devices or objects.

And always remember the SFPD’s mantra: If you see something, say something! Dial 911 for emergencies or 415-553-0123 for non-emergencies.