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Let’s Socialize for a Safer San Francisco

Let’s socialize—and make San Francisco safer in the process!

Part of living up to our name—SF SAFE, a.k.a. “San Francisco Safety Awareness for Everyone”—means connecting with our community in the best way possible. It’s how we help realize our mission of engaging, educating and empowering San Franciscans to build safer neighborhoods through crime prevention, education and public safety services that result in stronger, more vibrant and resilient communities.

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To this end, SF SAFE encourages local community members to join our social media communities so that we can keep you updated on the latest and greatest in San Francisco safety, and you can share your insights in a welcoming public forum.

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“Next to SF SAFE’s newsletter, our social media platforms are an excellent resource for San Francisco community members wanting to stay on top of key safety tips, news and events,” said SF SAFE Executive Director Kyra Worthy. “If you’re interested in better informing your personal safety and are also invested in helping San Francisco become a safer city, we encourage you to connect with us via our online communities.”

Once you connect with SF SAFE, you’ll be able to better engage with us and receive tips regarding a variety of helpful topics such as home security, car safety, personal & child safety, bike safety, special events and much more.

Another way to connect with us is via our newsletter, which is issued the second Tuesday of the month on a monthly basis. Community members who have San Francisco safety-related stories to share—including profile suggestions—can send tips to communications@sfsafe.org.

SF SAFE can also be contacted in our office at 415-553-1984; email general questions to info@sfsafe.org.

We look forward to connecting with you online and working together to help make the San Francisco community safer along the way.

– Kathy Chouteau