Protect yourself against bank jugging with these tips

Ever heard of bank jugging? Yeah, it’s a thing. After you visit an ATM, criminals follow you and then steal your money at a second location.


Our friends at the Fontana Police Department elaborated on Instagram, as retold by KTLA. “In this type of crime, suspects observe victims as they leave a bank, credit union, ATM or check-cashing facility visibly holding cash, and proceed to follow them to their next destination. Upon arriving, the criminals seize the chance to either burglarize the victim’s vehicle or commit robbery directly.”


The department outlined several steps community members can take to minimize the threat of bank jugging, which include: Watch out for individuals lingering “without purpose” in the vicinity of the parking area or lobby of a financial institution; maintain focus while inside the bank; refrain from using a phone or wearing earphones, as they are distractions; secure all withdrawn cash in a nondescript bag, like a briefcase or purse, rather than using the small bank cash envelopes; ensure all doors are locked upon exiting a vehicle; avoid leaving large sums of money unattended in a vehicle; and be aware of any vehicles that may follow or trail you out of the parking lot. 


Residents should call 911 or drive to a nearby police or fire station if they think they are being followed.