Through the SF SAFE City Camera Program, we address public safety needs and help reduce crime through collaboration.

By partnering with community stakeholders, such as local merchant associations, businesses, and community residents from San Francisco’s high trafficked neighborhoods, commercial corridors, and our City government, we identify specific needs, install public safety cameras and create, develop, and implement safety plans with a meaningful community-led and community-driven process.

Through this program, SF SAFE targets high-risk and high-traffic city blocks comprising about 20-30 businesses or residential areas for the installation of high definition security cameras and surveillance technology. Typically, a coverage area of about 18-24 camera views per corridor is provided. Camera installation projects for commercial corridors take about 12 weeks from start to finish and encompass outreach, assessment, mapping and system installation. We work with technology vendors as the technology solutions and data privacy provider for this program, accountable to the most stringent level of self-imposed policy standards.

In addition to the security cameras acting as a visible crime deterrent, the footage is an extraordinary tool in assisting businesses and community members in the investigation of criminal activity if/when any occur. This program levels the playing field, holding all involved accountable, creating an equitable and true evidence chain for investigators and public defenders alike, as an innovative alternative policing tool empowering communities to take ownership over their own public safety needs.

To learn more about the SF SAFE City Camera Program, email sfsafecitycameraprogram@sfsafe.org.