SFPD October Community Meetings

October brings a world of pleasures with it—the change of season to fall, the return of pumpkin spice lattes en masse and—you guessed it—Halloween. Do you know what else it brings? Another chance to participate in San Francisco community policing by taking part in the SFPD’s Community Meetings. As an added bonus, SF SAFE will be attending alongside you as we work toward creating a safer city.

By participating in your local station’s Community Meeting, you’ll get the latest safety news from your local captain and officers, and the opportunity to discuss issues that matter to you.

The ten SFPD stations throughout the city host a Community Meeting usually in-person, in their district. Typically headed up by the station’s captain, the meetings offer people the chance to hear from their local police leadership about crime trends, police activities and safety-centric news, as well as time for them to discuss what’s on their mind.

We encourage you to jump in the mix this month and join your local Community Meeting! Check out the SFPD’s October calendar.