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Vaccine Notification

Want to get notified when it’s your turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine? You can sign up with the City and County of San Francisco to get notified by text alerts, email or both. Here’s how to learn more.

Block Captains Zoom

Coming soon! SF SAFE will be rolling out Virtual Neighborhood Watch Group Block Captains Meetings on Zoom where block captains from each SFPD police district will meet with their local station. Stay tuned!

Valentine’s Safety

This Valentine’s Day, show some self-love with personal safety. When out in SF, keep your valuables and electronics closely protected/hidden when walking and ALWAYS take them with you when you park.

Watch Out for COVID-19
Vaccine Scams

In the devastating wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been renewed hope as the vaccines begin roll out nationwide. However, as distribution begins, authorities caution we need to be acutely aware of avoiding vaccine-related scams.
Let’s Socialize for a Safer
San Francisco

When it comes to creating a safer San Francisco, there’s no denying the power of social media toward helping to realize that goal. Want to stay updated on SF SAFE’s latest and greatest safety tips and news in between our monthly newsletters? Follow our social media channels to be in the know!

SFPD Releases Community Policing Videos, Underscoring Values & Goals

The SFPD has released five short videos about its community policing strategy in the city. The videos reaffirm the department’s commitment to creating safe, healthy and vibrant communities via a philosophy in which they partner and engage with community members to problem-solve while enhancing safety.

How to RSVP for the SFPD’s
Virtual Community Meetings

The SFPD's monthly Community Meetings have gone virtual as a pandemic safety measure. A key aspect of taking part in the meetings is, of course, RSVP-ing for them. In this month’s newsletter, SF SAFE breaks down the ins and outs of RSVP-ing for the Virtual Community Meetings and why it’s important.

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