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Don't Drink & Drive

December is National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month. The holiday season can be a dangerous time on roads due to impaired drivers coming from celebrations. Think before you drink; drive sober!
Happy Holidays!

On behalf of SF SAFE Executive Director Kyra Worthy and the entire team, we wish you and yours Happy Holidays! It is our greatest honor to serve the San Francisco community and to be a part of helping to build a safer city. 
iPhone Safety Tip

If you press/hold the side button and one volume button on your iPhone, the Emergency SOS slider appears. Drag the slider to call emergency services; if you continue holding the buttons, a countdown will start and an alarm will sound.

Holiday Safety Tips to Keep
the Season Merry

With the holiday season officially upon us, SF SAFE has got you covered when it comes to ensuring this special time of year is not only merry, but also safe. From home burglary and auto theft prevention to personal safety and safe shopping tips, we’ve outlined key points to keep in mind no matter where you go. 
Park Smart in Parking Garages
this Holiday Season

December has arrived and holiday shopping has entered warp speed. As shoppers hit the Westfield San Francisco Centre and other city spots to find the perfect gift, we’re rolling out our “Park Smart in the Parking Garage” tips to help locals protect their personal safety and holiday purchases.

Tips for Getting Your Package Theft Prevention Game On 

Package theft is a common big-city issue during the holiday season and beyond. Stolen packages are never a welcome event, especially when it comes to stolen gifts. SF SAFE’s “Package Theft Prevention Guide” is a valuable resource for keeping packages secure upon delivery. 

Holiday ‘Safety Smarts’ for
Travelers to San Francisco 

The city comes alive with seasonal cheer and festivities during the holidays—from retail offerings to ice rinks to tree lightings to fabulous restaurants to tourist attractions and much more. It's the recipe for a perfect vacation...if you mind your safety smarts.

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