JUNE 2021
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SAFE Bikes

Have you registered your bike with SAFE Bikes? Our sticker & ID code have been key in helping law enforcement get recovered bikes back to their rightful owners. Click to get started!
Park Smart

Captain Caltagirone of SFPD Richmond reports an uptick in car break-ins as people return to city streets. Patrols have been increased but remember to 'park smart’ by not leaving valuables in your car.

Report Hate Crimes

SFPD Central Captain Julian Ng has tipped off community members to free “How to Report a Hate Crime” booklets pertaining to San Francisco (and Oakland) written in various languages. Check them out here.

SF SAFE’s Safety Presentations for Elders, Neighborhood Groups a Critical Resource 

Concerned about the huge backlash against Asian Americans, and recognizing that his fellow assisted living residents weren’t always aware of how to protect their own personal safety, 83-year-old Vito Rutigliano enlisted the help of his son, Carey, to organize a safety presentation by SF SAFE for his elderly peers.

San Francisco Fireworks
Safety & Reporting

Independence Day is just around the corner, which makes it the right time to refresh our memories on fireworks, particularly re: safety and reporting. San Francisco has a pretty straightforward policy: A zero tolerance for the use and sale of ALL fireworks.

Summer Safety Checklist

From home safety to travel getaways to water safety and beyond, SF SAFE’s got you covered with our Summer Safety Checklist. Check out our lineup of quick safety tips that will help you brush up in time for summer.

How to be a Good Witness

SFPD Park Station Captain Chris Pedrini recently reached out to San Francisco residents about crimes in progress and how to be a good witness when reporting these incidents to the police. Find out what he had to say about what to look out for.

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