MAY 2022
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Bike Safety Month

May is National Bike Safety Month! It’s a good reminder to register your bike with SAFE Bikes. Our sticker & ID code have been key in helping law enforcement return recovered bikes to their rightful owners. Click this link to get started!
National Police Week

National Police Week is May 15-21 and stems from President Kennedy’s decree to honor the men & women who risk their lives in the line of duty. It’s also a time to remember fallen police officers. Thanks to the SFPD for all you do for our city!
Travel Safety

Planning a Memorial Day getaway? Don’t advertise it! Load your luggage in your garage or when nobody is around; stop deliveries/mail; and ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your residence.

Chief Scott Hosts Second Citywide Public Safety Meeting of 2022

In a major show of community policing at its finest, SFPD Chief Bill Scott, his department leadership and SF SAFE met with more than 100 community members on April 25 for the second Virtual Citywide Public Safety Meeting of 2022. Get the scoop!

Concerned Citizens Launch Jamestown Ave. Neighborhood Watch in Bayview

A new Neighborhood Watch Group launched on the Bayview’s Jamestown Ave. block arose from community members’ concerns that the nearby Vehicle Triage Center contributed to crime and blight in the neighborhood. Learn more about how local residents like Timothy Alan Simon, Esq. are taking action.

Anatomy of a Safe Neighborhood

When it comes to creating a safer San Francisco, many residents are eager to help make that collective vision a reality. To that end, SF SAFE has compiled a list of ways local peeps can participate in community policing and other activities in cooperation with the SFPD to help create a safer neighborhood and community for us all. 

Neighborhood Walk After Dark Program Focuses on
Local Crime ‘Hotspots’

SF SAFE’s Neighborhood Walk After Dark program teams up community members with their district supervisor and SFPD station captain to focus on local public safety hotspots—areas of high crime that concern residents.
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